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Enterprise Systems Add-ons

  • Add modules to your own software by using our powerful customer service and support solutions

  • Supported by a development team familiar with your ISV’s technology

  • All native applications integrated via API

  • Create a USP in your market by differentiating your ERP or CRM offering

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Modules and Integrations


The first Configurator built into your ERP that incorporates into your current systems’ workflow. Utilizing the existing Item Master, Price Books, and BOMs, the Configurator provides an intuitive GUI that is driven by rules of how you want to sell or build your products. Whether the workflow is for sales or production, the Configurator increases productivity and reduces errors in the fulfillment process.


FORTUNA introduces a complete e-commerce solution for the office products/supplies. FORTUNA is integrated with the standard wholesalers in several industries and provides automated purchase logic for multiple wholesalers in addition to providing a unique item master management platform utilizing the powerful logic built into ERP’s that links the items your customers are ordering with your backend. Integrated with eesyQ, FORTUNA provides Amazon Dash capabilities without having to provide any hardware to your customers. Your customers become automated with supply fulfillment with 2 clicks on a mobile device just by scanning the device.


A powerful Service Add-on to your outside service platform which may be missing a centralized dispatch platform. Dispatcher fills that gap, providing a centralized dispatch GUI that is intuitive and can be used in user ticket management, queue management, or both. Dispatcher provides the pertinent information without having to open the service ticket, visual call status against response and resolution time that is color coded for quick identification and service ticket ordering. All calls are drag and drop across users and/or queues that update the service ticket automatically.