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Calculate your benefits for service providers


working days / year
working hours / day
average Total employment cost (=TEC) / hour (support staff or technician)
assets managed at clients
Full time equivalent “on the field” (=FTE) (engineers/agents)
assets managed / engineer
minutes / intervention (average)
Time saved / non-structured call (in minutes)
% of non-structured incoming calls
Time needed upon arrival at customer (in minutes)
% of calls with (arrival time savings)
% of visits, which are 2nd visits
% of 2nd visits that could be avoided (if full info)

Key Gains

Engineer planning Formula Current #/year Current COST eesyQ #/year eesyQ COST Savings (/yr)
Faster handling of interventions (gathering specs, mails, reminders, etc.), because 99% of all data comes in automatically – Use of a mobile portal. #minutes * #interventions * TEC 7560 €52.920,00 3780 €26.460,00 €26.460,00
Time saved on location (due to better info / visualisation of location on map) #minutes * #interventions * TEC 7560 €52.920,00 6048 €42.336,00 €10.584,00
Time saved, avoiding a 2nd visit (having full needed info, on materials needed etc) #minutes of interventions /month * %2nd visits = #minutes spent on 2nd visits 756 €33.516,00 529 €23.461,20 €10.054,80
GROSS SAVINGS (/engineer) €7.849,80
Cost (EQ licences) #assets * 2€/year €4.800,00
NET SAVINGS €40.498,80
NET SAVINGS (/field engineer)* €6.749,80

* This is an indicative calculation, based on sectorial averages of our partners

** This includes savings on call centers & avoiding second visits