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Automated service desk

  • Eliminate most calls, emails because of unused portals

  • Answer directly to requests in a few seconds, from any location, about any asset, to any client at any time

  • Easy setup at customer : sell it as a service where you as a Service Provider does the set-up for a fee.

  • Or .. deliver a kit with every hardware shipment in order to ensure automatic supply ordering to you.

  • Centralise all your managed assets and service requests in one easy-to-use App.

Grow your business

  • eesyQ creates a unique conversation, bringing direct benefits to your customers
  • Facilitate & develop recurrent revenues
  • Easy setup at new customers


  • Keep track of open or unreported issues
  • All activities are logged & time-stamped


  • Automate incoming requests without effort
  • Significantly cut service desk & field engineers time spend: ¬†Save 6K net / field engineer / year – Calculate ROI
  • Ability to automatically receive pictures on specific ticket-types
  • Decrease the number of 2nd visits (missing some information)
  • Integrations : Connect with your CRM, ticketing system, CMDB
  • Automate supply orders for non-connected machines
  • Increase intervention speed & eliminate 25% (est.) of 2nd visits (accurate machine data & direct chat back)
  • Easy setup at customers, enabling them to use 1 logical tool for all assets