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ISN-Partners announces ERP Solution add-on FORTUNA

Phoenix (Aug. 1, 2017) — ISN-Partners today announced the launch of its new ERP add-on: FORTUNA, the foremost, comprehensive ERP solution for office supply dealer businesses, comprised of an integrated e-commerce platform built for SAP Business One. FORTUNA, a robust solution that is designed for our industry on the leading world class platform, SAP Business One, leverages the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) that permeates today’s businesses.

The last decade has seen the IoT saturate daily operations of business’s everywhere, changing our marketplace and radically obsoleting most of the solutions at the heart of today’s Office Supply Dealers business operations systems.

Seemeless Integration to SAP Business 1

FORTUNA is a commanding add-on for SAP Business One, empowering full integration with over 50 office equipment wholesalers. FORTUNA uses a fully customizable e-commerce platform enabling office suppliers with a branded solution for their customers, integrating real time with the backend of SAP Business One incorporating the purchasing logic expected in the extremely competitive Office Supply space. FORTUNA, built on a powerful, contemporary platform, eliminates any loss of functionality when replacing obsolete legacy systems.

The FORTUNA platform addresses the ever-changing marketplace that requires instant confirmation of business operations, limiting encroachment of the big e-commerce platforms.

Powerful e-commerce functionality and more

ISN-Partners eesyQ provides an answer to any office supply dealer looking to dramatically increase customer retention and grow customer satisfaction. eesyQ compliments FORTUNA and delivers a wholly integrated solution allowing customers of the office supplier to simply scan a barcode with their mobile device, ensuring instant replenishment of products and services.

“FORTUNA is a solution created for a long-established industry that has been forgotten when it comes to technologically relevant business systems. Many of these dealers are running on old-fashioned DOS based platforms,” said Gavin Williams, president, ISN Partners. “We set out from the beginning with a clear goal of building more than just an ERP for our industry. Integrating eesyQ does that by modernizing office supply dealer’s business with their customers.”

About ISN-Partners Inc
ISN-Partners Inc. is a technology vendor, delivering the next generation of service and supply chain management. Providing global solutions that automate communication on a Mobile Asset Management platform. Includes indoor and outdoor event reporting, ticketing and customer/supplier follow-up. Also with the In-Map range, ISN-Partners provides the MPS industry with a detailed printer asset information and print device data on the end-users own interactive floor plans, complete within its own Asset Database. ISN-Partners provides custom developed add-ons and solutions for SAP Business One as a software solution provider.