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About eesyQ

Mobile design, efficient collaboration and communication

eesyQ is a collaborative platform that enables intuitive management of all the assets & service contracts within an organization. The mobile technology App means it can be used within any type of business setting, even if no one uses PCs or has a desktop.

eesyQ centralizes assets and supplier management communication in ONE mobile app. The tool enables both end-users and service provider to directly communicate with each other, thus eliminating unused customer web-portals or other communication channels, such as phone calls or e-mails. The result is massive time savings by eliminating unnecessary telephone calls and emails.

Service requests can be dispatched to the appropriate contact at suppliers in only 2 clicks. Companies can visualize all assets on interactive floor plans.

All communication can be connected to the existing systems used by the Service Provider or the customer (ERP, Job-Ticketing, etc.).

About ISN-Partners Limited:

ISN-Partners Ltd. are a technology vendor, delivering the next generation of service and supply chain management. Providing global solutions that automate communication on a Mobile Asset Management platform. Includes indoor and outdoor event reporting, ticketing and customer / supplier follow-up. Also with the In-Map range, ISN-Partners provide the MPS industry with a detailed printer asset information and print device data on the end-users own interactive floor plans, complete within its own Asset Database.

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