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  • Eliminate most of the service-related calls, mails & unused portals

  • A Solution to all challenges – 2 clicks away

  • Service Requests 24/7 from anywhere

  • Full Mobile : Make requests on the go

  • Centralise – All supplies and services on 1 App

  • Stop looking for suppliers’ contact data

    • no waiting, direct dispatch
    • With chat back feature
  • Eliminates frustration

  • Any Asset, Any Technology

  • Facilitate – Enable your colleagues to focus on their core tasks

  • Organise – All supplier details at 1 place, setup internal clustering, prioritisation & define user rights

  • Focus  Consult all open tickets at 1 place

  • Streamline – Facilitate daily processes for your users (CMDB sync) & resolve issues automatically

  • Performance – All Assets are now operational, minimizing out of order statuses

  • Budget (tba) – Group orders & assign budgets, eliminating cash-exchanges

  • Save – Easily identify assets and/or related services to adapt. Save 1.300 EUR / 10 employees/Year – Calculate ROI

  • Visualise – Manage all assets from easy to upload dynamic floor plans

  • Insights –  Detailed KPI reports, controlling your budgets and SLA’s (per user, per asset (group), …)

  • For FREE

Our end-users are telling us following

“Think of eesyQ as the Virtual Assistent of Procurement, we can’t imagine how we’ve done our KPI- and compliance audits in the past. eesyQ enabled us to cut 3% on our operating cost in the first 3 months of using it, and we expect this only to increase”.

“eesyQ enables our colleagues, even the ones who are the 1st week in the job, to easily communicate any supply or repair request they’re having. It has been enthousiastly welcomed & enables us all to focus on our key daily tasks” 

“Our employees can now focus more on their core tasks, and don’t need to spend time anymore on e-mails, calls or managing follow-up towards our service providers”

“The setup is very easy and didn’t take as much time as we though it would”. The result is massive time saving in operations and this eliminates virtually all phone calls with our service providers.”

“App is user-friendly and intuituve. Everyone in our office knows how to use it and supply requests have never been fixed so quickly.”

“We save 130€ per employee per year by using eesyQ. In our 500 + personnel organisation in 4 different sites, this amounts to 65 000 € per year with the additional advantage of having improved the focus on our core tasks. And … Assets are now well maintained all the time.”