Is the way you manage communications at Trade-shows automated?

eesyQ® MeetMe standardises record keeping for your customer interactions. Record your visits by scanning a business card, or entering a record manually.

Record notes or dictate with voice directly on your mobile device and receive reporting centrally within the eesyQ® portal and by email. Export the notes directly to CRM if required.

Customer Visits - USER CASE

1. Enter or scan business card of the visitor to your booth or any stand-staff you visit.

2. Scan badge

3.  Take picture of the person

4. Dictate your comments about the visit or record the conversation

5.  Immediately send an automated email to the other party thanking for the visit

6.  Receive the complete visit report in your email plus daily reporting

7.  Report inside the company or send to CRM

8. ... AND use it for customer visits or project follow-up