Resource Planner

Do you struggle with working out staffing hours or perhaps with legacy systems that do not integrate with your accounting solutions when producing payroll?

Do you struggle to find which staff are available when it comes to staffing an event or a busy time in the year?

Do you need a solution for checking staff accreditation before they are allowed to work on your site or within your building?

eesyQ has a simple solution. Solve all these problems with these simple steps:

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Time and Attendance

  1. Import staff, meeting rooms, vehicles, etc into the system
  2. Users can now request any of the above, from the resource planner and make reservations
  3. Available staff members can accept the request
  4. Available meeting rooms and cars are automatically reserved on the calendar on site they will scan the site QR and this will log time of arrival,
  5. Reporting can be produced for tracking of previous resource planning. 
  6. When the day is finished staff should clock out using the same process
  7. End of day or time on location hours are totaled up in a report
  8. Report can be sent out to your accounting system

Accreditation checking

  1. Import staff and accreditation to eesyQ
  2. Allocate all staff with a QR code to wear with their ID
  3. On site arrival the ID card can be scanned by security to see if they have the accreditation needed to complete the job
  4. Reminders for expiry dates of qualifications can be sent to the user
  5. Compliance reporting can be run in the event of an audit


Streamline re-ordering for house keeping, bar or janitorial:

  1. Tag the the area you want to re-order for
  2. SKU's can be assigned to a QR code. House keeping can order cleaning supplies and request bedding clean
  3. Order requests come to a central office to be authorised and then sent to supplier