How long does a service request take?

With many different service providers and managed assets, it can often be time consuming to raise requests. Your users need to know who to call and what system or process your provider requires for ticket submissions or purchase requests. When it comes down to less regular issues such as building maintenance issues, irregular spills, lighting broken or intermittent issues, the process can be unknown and the issue goes un-reported or takes a long time to report.

eesyQ® brings all of your service providers into one simple platform that is user friendly and intuitive. It delivers to users a standard communication tool for any request.

Healthcare - USER CASE

1. In Healthcare settings, both clinicians and administrators have limited access to computers. This makes it difficult for them to raise service requests through the numerous (20+) service providers’ web-portals or email addresses.

2. Anybody can also use a tablet computer to map out floor plans and fill them with their assets and services. From facilities management to routine based services such as decontamination and clinical waste disposal or janitorial services and especially hardware assets such as theater equipment or diagnostic technologies.

3. Simply scan a QR code on the device or in the vicinity of the service you require. Then its 2-clicks to report your faulty device or issue.

4. Phone calls to the expensive call centre are eliminated meaning big savings for Healthcare, especially when demand is increasing, and funding is being reduced, year on year.